At Wendt & Kühn in Grünhainichen, our unique figurines tell
a fascinating story that first began in 1915. In that year,
two graduates of the Royal Saxon School of Applied Art,
Grete Wendt (1887-1979) and Margarete Kühn started a company.
One that would end up being world-famous 100 years later.
To the present day, the traditional Wendt & Kühn manufactory calls
Grünhainichen home and continues the life’s work of Grete Wendt
and her friend Olly Wendt, née Sommer (1896-1991).

Grete Wendt observed life, traveled through Europe and designed a vast array of figurines – most notably the angels with musical instruments. From the moment she was awarded the gold medal at the 1937 World’s Fair in Paris for these artistic figurines, the turned, milled and polished wooden pieces first needing to be joined together in order to produce the figurative composition, the Angel Musicians began to take the world by storm. And haven’t stopped to the present day. Perhaps she even sensed it at the time: Angels work wonders where mortals sometimes falter.

For decades at her side: Olly Wendt, born in Riga, fell in love with Grete Wendt’s brother, married him and remained in Grünhainichen for the rest of her life. The mark she left on the collection is particularly evident in the wealth of colors and the popular Marguerite Angels who reminded her of her Baltic homeland.

Olly Wendt brings twins into the world.
Son Hans Wendt (1930-2008) guided
the company through ever-changing
social orders. Today, two of his children,
Claudia Baer, née Wendt, and Dr. Florian Wendt,
are at the third-generation helm of this family-run
company. Looking toward the future and yet at the
same time faithfully bound to traditional basic values.