Wendt & Kühn has been making hand-crafted treasures for more than 100 years. Always staying true to the grand design legacy and the artistic and creative work left to us by the founders of the company, Grete Wendt and Grete Kühn, and the designer Olly Wendt.

In the coming years we intend to select with great care, and at regular intervals, a number of genuine treasures – we have called them curiosities – from Wendt & Kühn’s great treasure trove of designs, which we will produce exclusively to order, one by one. These pieces require a very high degree of craftsmanship from the skilled craftsmen and women at our workshops.

A traditional figurine of particular beauty

The Miner

Tradition has it that it was a particularly beautiful summer’s day in 1912 when Grete Wendt designed the Miner. Three years before the foundation of Wendt & Kühn she had been inspired by the Freiberg Miners’ Festival with its magnificent parade of miners. In what was the summer house of the vocational school in Grünhainichen, her home town, she came up with the designs for three smaller examples before she finally created this 30-centimeter high Miner with his two candle holders.

Not available in the USA.

The Miner


Mining in the Erzgebirge dates back to the first discovery of ore in 1168, in the former district of Christiansdorf close to what is today the mining town of Freiberg. Silver deposits were first documented in this area around 1185. The first “silver rush” was followed in the 15th century by the discovery of new deposits in the Erzgebirge, which is how the “Ore Mountains” got their name. For centuries mining shaped the life and culture of this region. The Freiberg Mining Academy, founded in 1765, enjoys an excellent reputation as the world’s oldest mining and metallurgy oriented university.