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Wendt & Kühn

Are you looking for a great idea for an excursion? And would you also like to learn more about the Wendt & Kühn brand? Then this page contains unique experiences just for you. Whether you want to visit us together with your family and friends, or as a tour operator with a group, we offer a range of attractive options that will make the time you spend with us unforgettable.

Wendt & Kühn World

At Wendt & Kühn in Grünhainichen

"Discover - Experience - Marvel"

Explore the historical gallery under expert guidance. Then test your skills on our analogue and interactive exhibits. Find out more.

“The Gift of Joy”

On a tour of our interactive world, experience the journey taken by the wood and explore our historical gallery and its Grand Sample Cabinet. Find out more.

“History to Enjoy”

Under expert guidance explore the historical gallery of Wendt & Kühn World and immerse yourself in more than 100 years of the workshops’ history. Find out more.

“Holiday Discovery Tour”

During the school holidays, children can go on an exciting journey of discovery, try out the exhibits in the interactive world for themselves and search for answers to the discovery quiz. Find out more.

“Following the footsteps of a Blossom Child”

Together with an experienced nature guide, explore Grünhainichen and embark on a fascinating voyage of discovery. Find out more.

Wendt & Kühn World of Figures

At Wendt & Kühn in Seiffen

"In the Creative Gallery"

By creating your own individual decorative piece, you will have a unique memento of your visit to Wendt & Kühn. Details and how to book