Olly Wendt

One name is inextricably linked with Wendt & Kühn: Olly Wendt (née Sommer). On February 15, 1920 she began work at the manufactory as a craftswoman and for more than 60 years her work as a designer left its creative imprint on the story of Wendt & Kühn. Countless figurines in our collection such as the Marguerite Angels, the animals and the Moon Family bear her unmistakable hallmark. To mark her 125th birthday, we will be showing the path taken by this extraordinary woman and talented designer.

Remembering Olly Wendt

Marguerite Angel with Heart and Flower

100 years have passed since Olly Sommer, later Wendt, started work at the manufactory in 1920, and matured into a highly talented designer. We are celebrating the anniversary of her joining the company with a reissue of a very special Olly Wendt design that she created in February 1925: the angel holding a golden heart and flower, whose petals can be used to hold a candle.

Special Exhibition

Talent – Fate –
A life’s work

Olly Wendt (née Sommer) started work as a designer at the manufactory in 1920. So the special exhibition “Talent – Fate – A life’s work.” at Wendt & Kühn World in Grünhainichen will be dedicated to her life’s work and will celebrate the 100th anniversary of her joining the company in 2020. Numerous figurines, sketches, photographs and previously unseen documents, as well as artefacts from her daily life, will offer insights into the personal life of a woman who worked side by side in creative competition with company founder Grete Wendt.

Visits are possible again. Here is a first look at it. Curator Marlis Rokitta gives us further insights into this new exhibition in a short interview.

Talent – Fate – A life’s work

Olly Wendt

In February 1920 Olly Sommer arrived at the manufactory to start work as a designer - therefore 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of her company entrance. Originally intended as a stepping stone in her artistic career, she ended up staying there all her life. Who was this designer who worked so closely alongside company founder Grete Wendt? What was it that shaped her? We will take you on a journey that finally leads to Grünhainichen by way of Riga and Dresden, and will show you the path taken by a woman whose life took unexpected twists and turns, and who experienced great happiness but also huge suffering.


Olly Wendt’s lemon dessert

Olly Wendt is known not only as a talented designer, but also for her lemon dessert. You may well wonder what this is all about. Claudia Baer, the granddaughter of Olly Wendt and current owner of the company, reveals the secret:

“My grandma had a recipe for a lemon dessert. It was a recipe she always made if someone in the family, within the company or in the village was feeling unwell. This lemon dessert not only tasted good, it was also light and according to my grandmother it helped the healing process. The dish quickly became very popular and much enjoyed in Grünhainichen. I loved to eat it even when I wasn’t sick and I still make it today.”

The recipe has been handed down and we are happy to share it with you.