Birthday gifts

For birthday kids of all ages

Whether it is for a second, twelfth or seventieth birthday – Wendt & Kühn’s cheerful Girls with Numbers are the perfect surprise for birthday children of all ages. In their sweet polka dot dresses they turn the birthday table into one fit for a feast. Children in particular derive much pleasure from these well-wishers – they accompany them throughout their lives, evoking wonderful memories of each birthday along the way.

Each of these girls comes with a full set of numbers from 0 to 9. The yellow numbers brightly proclaim the birthday boy or girl’s new age. One number bearer will suffice for the first nine years, the second girl then becomes a welcome gift on the tenth birthday. After that, these two maidens can create any combination up to 99. Orchestrate any red-letter day.

Personal greetings

Our happy Goodwill Children from the Wendt & Kühn workshops in Grünhainichen bring joy with felicitations straight from the heart – for a birthday, an anniversary or as a thoughtful little gift that says: “I’m so glad you’re in my life!” With “My Wendt & Kühn”, they become the bearers of very personal heartfelt messages. For moments you’ll never forget.

Utterly individual: The name of your recipient can be inscribed on the base of both figurines. Learn more about “My Wendt & Kühn”.

Stylish embellishments

Wendt & Kühn’s clip angels not only cut a fine figurine on the branch of a Christmas tree, they add just as much style and joy when clipped to the ribbon of a gift – a present even before the present is opened! They let your recipient know right away that there’s something very special inside indeed! Clip angels also work beautifully as a special added touch on gift cards, gift certificates or even an artistically folded gift of cash. Clip them on carefully and your very distinctive gift is ready to give.