A-B-C and 1-2-3

First day of school gifts

Our Schoolchildren represent the symbolic beginning of a new stage of life. They are also a wonderful memento. As patrons of a school career they accompany each abecedarian as long as they are in full time education, and even beyond. The boy and girl can both be personalized with the name of the first grader and the year they start school.

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While the large, wise-looking one carries its candelabra with care, the medium-sized one looks on boldly. Both of them have heads that can be moved, so they spend their time looking either cheekily ahead or quizzically behind them, as owls do! The young owl, however, appears to be unimpressed by these antics, instead it seems to be spreading its gently curved wings for the very first time and getting ready to take its first flight.

With their friendly demeanor and charming nature, this trio from Wendt & Kühn is perfect for all lovers of owls. And a wonderful gift for brilliant minds and bold operators, small eggheads and courageous explorers, too. As prudent counsellors in all situations, a source of wisdom in the workplace and with keen insight that will last forever.

In high spirits, these small ducklings tumble from one adventure to the next. And as their heads can be moved, they spend their time looking either cheekily ahead or quizzically behind them. The perfect gift for all small chicks stepping out in life with big strides – on their first day in kindergarten, or when they start school for the first time.