11 tips to help you find the perfect gift

“A gift is worth just as much as the love with which it was chosen,” wrote the French author Thyde Monnier.
With our tips you too can find the perfect gift.

1. Take your time

Nothing is worse than the panic buys we make under pressure. When you get home the first doubts about the contents of your shopping bags begin to creep in, and the high you had experienced disappears. Much better is to allow yourself plenty of time for your trip to the stores or when shopping online.


2. Keep your ears open

Be sure to listen out for phrases like: “I would so love to do that” or “I really like that” and make a note of these wishes. There will come a time when your little crib sheet will come in very useful.

3. Make it personal

Gifts should fit the recipient and the particular occasion. Genuine one-off choices so to speak. So how perfect is it that Wendt & Kühn also fulfils very personal wishes and can inscribe figurines with a personal message?


4. The price is not what matters

Anyone who thinks that it is only expensive gifts that make an impression is mistaken. The actual cost often has nothing to do with the joy they will give. Anything that has been chosen with care will make the heart of the recipient beat just a little faster.

5. Wrap it beautifully

We all know it is the contents of a parcel that count. But surely first impressions also matter. Elegant wrapping paper, a beautiful ribbon and a hand-written Wendt & Kühn gift tag set the scene to perfection.


6. The personal touch

A favorite hobby, a special interest or a specific preference. All these can help you select your gift. Make sure that the gift is right for the recipient. For instance: our Gnome with Watering Can will delight any passionate gardener and the Marguerite Angel with Train is perfect for a steam train enthusiast.

7. Year after year

Is someone you love a passionate collector? Great. Now all you need to do is find out what pieces are still missing, and you have already found your gift.


8. The perfect duo

There is something very special about homemade gifts. How about some beautifully decorated cookies, for example? Here it is not perfection that counts but the love that goes into making them. Our Marguerite Angel with Rolling Pin is perfect for delivering these home baked treats.

9. Words straight from the heart

A personal message makes your gift complete. Whether in the form of a poem or simply a few words of your own. A hand-written note makes every gift truly distinctive.


10. Quality not quantity

One thing is certain: it is not the largest gift that brings the greatest pleasure. When selecting your gift, concentrate more on quality so that the recipient will be able to enjoy your present for a long time to come.

11. It is all in the planning

Birthday calendars seem to have gone out of fashion. This is a shame as they give you an instant overview of all the important dates in the lives of those you love. One glance is enough, and you can begin to look for your gift in plenty of time.

You can find further gift ideas for every occasion on our Pinterest page: https://www.pinterest.de/wendtundkuehn/boards/.