Mother’s Day gifts

For the world’s best mom

Love and affection, a ready ear and a warm heart – all that and more our mothers give us unconditionally. Our whole lives. How nice there’s at least one day a year we can give a little back.
Mother’s Day always falls on the second Sunday of May. And there’s always the same dilemma of what to give. Flowers are traditional and always sure to please. But why not a very different kind of floral arrangement this year – delivered by a Blossom Child from the Grünhainichen workshops of Wendt & Kühn. A blossom of love that will never wilt. And the best part is: Because there’s so many different Blossom Child figurines, it’s easy to come up with a beautiful new gift each year to delight your mother on her special day of honor. Maybe a girl with a bouquet, a boy with a flower pot or even a group of carefree spring children, any of these charming well-wishers help you speak from your heart: “Thanks, Mom. I'm glad you’re mine!”

Straight from the heart

“What is uttered from the heart alone will win the hearts of others to your own,” wrote Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. A sentiment that is also clearly known to the Angel with Cake, who in recent years has touched so many hearts. A generous portion of love, a pound of happiness and a pinch of calm have gone into the delicious cake the angel has baked and that it carries in its hands to give to the best and dearest mama in the world on Mother’s Day.

With the “My Wendt & Kühn” personalization service you can add a short greeting, a significant date or a name to the base of the figurine, in beautiful hand-painted lettering.