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gift ideas for weddings

Lovingly they hold each other’s hand and appear to forget the world around them. The girl in a pale pink spotted dress, the boy in a fine shirt and elegant top hat. Perched on the beaded arch, doves look down with affection on the happy couple below. A meaningful gift for a wedding, an engagement or any other occasion where two people are celebrating their mutual love.

All you need is love

Wonderful messages of love can be delivered in many ways – in a letter, with a bouquet of flowers or with figurines from Wendt & Kühn. After we introduced our man and woman walking hand in hand through the pearl arch, we received many requests for couples of the same gender. A lovely idea, as same-sex partnerships have long been a part of modern life. And so now two women or two men walk side-by-side through the beaded arch as well. They are all dressed up to the nines – the women with summer dresses and hair accessories, the men with smart hats and fine shirts. These moving figurines allow hearts to beat a little faster and make a wonderful gift dedicated entirely to love.