With Twelve Artistic Photographs Through the Year

2023 will be the year of the Eleven Dot Angels: Grete Wendt designed the first green-winged heavenly messengers in 1923 and thus the 100th birthday of this design classic is approaching. In this anniversary year we wanted to pay special tribute to them and show them from all sides. What was necessary to achieve this? Celestial models with green wings, a professional photographer and lots of technical equipment. The result is twelve striking images that demonstrate with a virtuoso play of light and shadow, and techniques that reveal what normally remains unseen, the journey these design classics make through the Grünhainichen workshops. And in this way they present in an imaginative and artistic way and with masterly skill what we normally take to be familiar things. Unique images and powerful graphics that celebrate the Eleven Dot Angels in a way that has never been done before await you.

Insights into the Anniversary Calendar

Exclusive Preview

Our picture gallery gives you a first glance at Mirko Hertel’s impressive examination of how our Eleven Dot Angels are made. Prepare to be captivated by these twelve impressive and artistic photographs with their interplay of light and shadow, unusual perspectives and powerful graphics, and perhaps you, too, will want them to accompany you through 2023. You can order the calendar to be sent direct to your home using the form. It will be released on October 17, 2022.

Anniversary Calendar 2023

Jubiläumskalender 2023 (en)

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I hereby order the "Anniversary Calendar 2023" at a price of EUR 59.00 against cash payment. I pick up the calendar from the Wendt & Kühn World of Figures in Seiffen.

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A Conversation

Interview with the Photographer Mirko Hertel

Mirko Hertel has been working as an industrial and advertising photographer in Stollberg in the Erzgebirge for more than 25 years. He arranged the birthday angels for Wendt & Kühn with real passion, dexterity and angelic patience – in the truest sense of the word. We met him for an interview. You can read the interview here.

A Glimpse Behind the Camera

The Making-of