Preparations for 100 years of Wendt & Kühn


On 22nd August 2014 the completion of structural building work at the warehouse and the new distribution center at Wendt & Kühn headquarters in Grünhainichen was celebrated with a topping-out ceremony. This marked the completion by the joiners and roofers of a major part of their work. The new building, which from the end of 2014 will house the packaging and distribution departments, offers besides improved working conditions, modern loading and unloading facilities. The new warehouse will provide ample storage space for stock. The next stage of the project is to start on the fitting-out of the interior of the building.

When this stage is completed in December 2014, a new World of Experience will be created behind the facade of the historic half-timbered Wendt & Kühn building, covering 268 square meters. Here, in addition to the legendary Grand Sample Cabinet, a great many new things will be available for visitors to discover and wonder at, including changing exhibitions and insights into the skilful process of creating Wendt & Kühn figurines. All building work will be completed in time for the 100th anniversary celebrations in October 2015, and in the course of it eleven new jobs will have been created.