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100 years of eleven-dot angels also stand for one hundred years full of experiences, emotion, and stories that are inseparably linked with these small heavenly messengers, giving them life. As of now, we have received over 900 letters from people sharing their angel stories with us. Here you can read some of them. Of course, we are very happy to continue hearing about your personal favorite angel. We regularly add new contributions to the collection.

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Angel with Trumpet, sitting

I grew up with Wendt & Kühn, but only because my grandmother owned the Organ music box, which I always wound up admiringly at Christmas. With my husband, his sister, his parents, and grandparents, on the other hand, it was a tradition that everyone had their own little angel and also received one at Christmas as a gift. When I joined the family, the Angel with Trumpet was my first angel, given to me by my “grandparents-in-law” for Christmas. It was the beginning of my collection. We continued this tradition with our own children from the age of four (they are now 11 and 15), so they, too, could have their own angels.

S. Sternberg, Bochum

Gold Edition No 15, The Mindful One

‘The Mindful One’ angel has only just moved in, but it is already my favorite angel. Our story together is only just beginning.
After two years enduring the pandemic, I had my big breakdown in early 2022. I fell into a deep, dark hole called depression. Now ten months have passed, and I have gotten help and am learning a lot about mindfulness for myself in therapy. And then today I saw the new little angel ‘The Mindful One.’ I see it as a sign that I am on the right path. For me, the little angel is a symbol of my care for myself. It stands for the path I have already taken. I am very happy and grateful for my new little angel friend.

T. Richter, Dresden

Angel with Bell and Candle

In early December 1995 I received the wonderful news from my gynecologist that I was expecting twins. I was going to be a mother! I was so happy! On the same day I was invited to our small company Christmas party in the Ore Mountains. During the Secret Santa gift exchange, I received my first Grünhainichen Angel from my favorite colleague. The little Angel with Candle and Bell. Even as a young girl, I was very fond of these angels. But I could only admire them at my friend’s homes. Now, on this marvelous day, I met three little angels – two that were still growing and one that became my lucky charm… What a lovely gift. The little angel is even today my guardian angel and, ever since this first angel, I have bought a Musician Angel every year during Advent in Grünhainichen. And every year in the advent season when I then set the little angels in my window, I think about our very first meeting.

Andrea from Saxony


Angel with Star and Lantern

As children each of us four siblings received an eleven-dot angel from our parents as a gift. During advent season the angel was our companion at the dining room table until January 6. I cannot imagine an advent without this precious angel – not then, and even more so today. As soon as we moved out, we were allowed to take it with us. That was a very long time ago. In the meantime, through inheritance and gifts, I have collected an orchestra, and I thank the expert and loving restoration by Wendt & Kühn that everything is in perfect condition. So, the orchestra’s Angel with Star and Lantern continues to shine brightly after 67 years – at least until Candlemas Day - simply because it is so beautiful and good for the soul. The angel has truly found a place in my heart!

U. Voit, Schriesheim

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