Saying thank you

Who out there can’t relate to managing big and small construction projects, repairs or party prep – task after task, as far as the eye can see. And how wonderful is it when you can count on the support of lovely people to get it all done. Maybe it’s time to send your hardworking helpers a little something to say thank you.

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Helpful house elves

Do you know a “real” gnome who’s always helping out at home or in the garden – just like these charming fellows in their red outfits? Then Wendt & Kühn’s hardworking gnomes are bound to make them smile. Each gnome comes with its own unique talent: Some potter around, some enjoy gardening, and some like to conjure up something delicious in the kitchen.

Enthusiastic gardening

The cheerful gardeners in their brightly colored dresses diligently nurture the flowers and beds, accompanied by the soft sounds of “Ward ein Blümlein mir geschenket, hab’s gepflanzt und hab’s getränket” (“I was given a little flower, I planted and watered it”) played on the 18-note quality Swiss music work. This music box is a wonderful musical thank you for amateur gardeners, those who love flowers, or fans of the great outdoors.

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