Grand ensembles

Angel Orchestra

The language of angels is music. Over 70 musicians play in the grand Grünhainichen Angel® orchestra. Their ethereal sounds come from violins and bells, drums and triangles, trombones and pan flutes. All in harmony with countless other angelic instruments. A Wendt & Kühn Angel Mountain lets your angels assemble for their most celebrated performances. The spacious elegant platforms of our three, four, five and even six-tiered mountains showcase all your heavenly musicians in a position of honor. The upper platform is even spacious enough for larger figurines – from our graceful, attentive Madonna to the cantor at the large organ accompanying his musician friends. Our Angel Mountains allow a most elegant display of your collection. And had already begun attracting interest around the world as early as 1937: For her “Angel Mountain with Madonna” composition, Grete Wendt won the Grand Prix and a gold medal at that year's World’s Fair in Paris.

Backed into a corner… beautifully!

Many collectors have already amassed quite an array of angels, more than enough to create a magnificent orchestra. Sometimes Angel Mountain musicians even end up crowded together in tight clusters but yet there’s not enough space to add a second mountain. Our Corner Angel Mountain models with three, four or five tiers offer a solution which is as ingenious as it is attractive. These quarter-circle stages are truly a small wonder: They fit perfectly into the corner of any cupboard or shelf and combine beautifully with existing Angel Mountains to create very expressive displays. Our new Corner Angel Mountains also create a perfect stage for your angelic musicians within bookcases and cupboards.

Angel Mountains under twinkling lights

Your angels atop the Angel Mountain are at their most resplendent when bathed in a candlelight glow. You have two options: Setting traditional wax candles into wooden candleholders with protective metal inserts and glass drip trays or the practical convenience of electrical lighting. The electrical element is available as an optional accessory for the semicircular mountains without candleholders and simply plugs in at the rear of the mountain.

What needs to be kept in mind when using wax candles? Always exercise extreme caution with any open flame. Our Angel Mountains are made of wood and can thus easily catch on fire! As a safety precaution, you should always ensure the included glass drip trays are securely in place on the wooden candleholders so the flame cannot burn down to the wood. Never let the candles burn down more than a centimeter above the glass drip tray.

Please note that the Angel Mountain with Candle Holders and the Electric Lighting are not available in the USA.


So that you’ll be able to delight in your grand Angel Orchestra for many Christmas seasons to come, it is important to ensure their proper storage. It was actually our delicate Angel Musicians that led us to develop the Slumber Vault. Well-protected in 36 individual compartments lined with velour, they rest safely and peacefully for all the grand performances awaiting them in the coming years.

Please note that the Slumber Vault is not available in the USA.