To welcome a newborn
to the world

Newborn gifts

Does the stork really deliver babies? This is a question that everyone has to answer for themselves. What is certainly true is that the Stork from Wendt & Kühn has taken on this wonderful role. And so this long-legged bird brings deeply personal joy to new parents, to proud grandparents and to the latest addition to the human race.

Whether a girl or a boy – choose a pink or baby blue ribbon around the receiving blanket to help spread the news! Utterly individual: Both the name and the date of birth can be inscribed on the base with delicate brushstrokes. A memento of a very special day and a companion for life. Learn more about <link>“My Wendt & Kühn”.

Emotionally touching

The Marguerite Angel and child sit affectionately side by side on a bench, a golden book in the angel’s hands. For the young listener, all thoughts of playing with the doll are long forgotten. It is a scene that radiates love, calm and affection and makes us want to sit down and join them, and listen to the story. The wings of the angel are decorated with pale blue markings and on its head it wears a crown of white flowers. It smiles tenderly as it reads the lines of the book. This pair of figurines, which can be inscribed on the underside of the base if desired, is a wonderful gift for someone who needs an angel by their side – on the birth of a child, a baptism or for any other situation that life throws at us. You may like to know that the designer Olly Wendt, née Sommer, originally designed this scene with a little girl. But as all children need an angel by their side, an additional version was later created with a little boy, still following the guidelines of form and color from our grand design legacy.