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Have you subscribed to our Wendt & Kühn customer magazine, the eleven dot post? This free magazine is published twice a year and is filled with interesting stories and behind-the-scene reports from the traditional Wendt & Kühn workshops. Once a year, we publish an English language version for all our readers and collectors from Argentina to Australia.

It's title came about quite naturally, in honor of those eleven little dots on the green wings of our Grünhainichen Angels®. Our angels and many other delightful figurines brought worldwide fame to our workshops. Faithfully accurate to their historical originals, these handcrafted figurines have been produced in our traditional workshops by legions of skilled hands and hearts. The eleven dot post chronicles this long history and also introduces readers to the people behind the Wendt & Kühn name, those who impart a little love and devotion to all of our creations.

If you would like to receive insider tidbits and items of note from Wendt & Kühn's wonderful world of angels and Blossom Kinder in the future, please subscribe here. We’ll open the doors to our world for you starting with our next issue of the eleven dot post delivered right to your very own door.

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superb safekeeping

The eleven dot post Library offers enthusiasts and collectors of our Wendt & Kühn customer magazine enough room to clearly display and preserve up to 20 issues. Its classic design and golden script will surely add elegance to any bookcase.