Wendt & Kühn says it with flowers

Blossom Kinder

Probably no other product group embodies the essenceof Grete Wendts life’s work so indicatively as her Blossom Kinder: naturalness, innocence and sincerity, the pure joy of carefree childhood days. Brimming with pride at their freshly picked flowers and always ready to convey the sweetest of birthday or Mother’s Day wishes or to commemorate a birth – in fact, any time at all that calls for spreading good cheer.

The first Blossom Child was brought to life in 1929: a Girl with Marguerite. The choice of flower was not surprising – it had always been the favorite flower of both Grete and Olly Wendt.
The 1933/34 catalogue supplement included illustrations of the first six Blossom Kinder. They have remained a beloved staple of the Grünhainichen workshops collection ever since – without change and
without interruption. In the following years to 1937, other figurines were added until the cheery little brood numbered 18. In response to heavy demand from our collectors, we began to draw from historical samples in the last few years so as to further develop the popular figurine series while fastidiously staying committed and true to the design legacy in both coloring and style as left to us by company founder Grete Wendt.

The carefree children with their spring, summer and autumn flowers accompany you throughout the entire year inspiring enchanting decorations for each season. The oversized blossoms are particularly striking. And exactly the design element Grete Wendt stylized into something uniquely expressive, symbolic. No Blossom Child is like another. Each is utterly unique – with its own characteristic style, body language and signature attire. Look closely and you’ll see all the many loving details Grete Wendt used to create a genuine personality for each and every one of her Blossom Kinder: the tiny floral edging on the skirt hem of the Girl with Four-leaf Clover, the pretty pattern on the bonnet of the Girl with Bluebell, the ringlets of the Boy with Poppy.

Fields of green for our Blossom Kinder and their Friends

The bright-eyed Blossom Kinder lighten up any space whether individually as a lively splash of color or arranged in a group with other figurines. As your collection of youngsters grows, the tiered Wendt & Kühn Flower Meadow offers a beautiful platform for them. In pastel green dotted with tiny white flowers, it beckons to the Blossom Kinder to come out and play. Its three tiers and large upper platform are spacious enough to not only accommodate the Blossom Kinder but all their adorable little friends as well. All under the protective shade of the artistically detailed deciduous tree with its tiny bird.