Enchanting Blossom Kinder

No other group of products embodies the message of Grete Wendt’s life’s work so clearly as the Blossom Kinder with their naïveté, kind-heartedness and assurance, reflecting the joy of a carefree childhood. Joyfully carrying flowers, they convey good wishes for birthdays, Mother’s Day, the birth of a child or indeed any occasion when we wish to bring someone joy.

Their history

The first Blossom Child to see the light of day was the Girl with Marguerite in 1929. The choice of this flower is no surprise as it was Grete and Olly Wendt’s favorite flower. A supplement to the 1933/34 catalogue features the first six Blossom Kinder, who have remained unchanged to this day and have been a constant feature of the Grünhainichen workshops’ collection ever since. In the years up until 1937 further children followed, with the number growing to 18 figurines.

In response to repeated requests from our collectors, we have over the past few years started to augment this popular series of figurines with the utmost care, using original historic designs that remain true in their form and color to the legacy of our company founder Grete Wendt.

Design and form

These carefree children with their spring, summer and fall flowers accompany you throughout the whole year and provide inspiration for delightful decorations in every season. What is most striking is their oversized flowers. With this Grete Wendt stylized them into something meaningful and symbolic. No two Blossom Kinder are the same. Each one is unique - with its own style, body language and characteristic clothing.

Take a close look and discover the multitude of tiny details that Grete Wendt used to give each Blossom Child its own personality: the narrow border of flowers around the hem of the dress of the Girl with Four Leaf Clover, the pretty pattern on the bonnet of the Girl with Bluebell and the striped beanie of the Boy with Poppy.

Would you like to find out more about our production processes? Find out here how a Blossom Child is made.

Skillfully displayed on our Flower Meadow

Our jaunty Blossom Kinder make great decorations, either as a splash of color on their own or arranged in a group. As your collection of these youngsters grows, the tiered Wendt & Kühn Flower Meadow provides a beautiful platform on which to display them.

Painted in pastel green and decorated with delicate white flowers, it invites the Blossom Kinder to come out and play or simply to while away the day. With its three tiers and the large platform on top it offers ample space for the Blossom Kinder, and for their friends as well.

The stylish crowning glory of this arrangement is the artistically crafted Deciduous Tree with its tiny bird.