Spring decorating tips

Sounds of spring

Music boxes from Wendt & Kühn look impressive not only when displayed on their own but also when combined with accompanying figurines that continue the story of the music box. Let yourself be inspired by the tableau before you. The scene on the music box “Round Dance” can be extended by arranging other spring figurines around it. Dressed in their pretty little dresses the girls tend their flowerbed using a watering can and rake. A butterfly has just settled on the first freshly planted flowers. Give your ideas free rein and conjure up an atmospheric decoration for spring.

Spring table settings

Cheery colors and delicate flowers set a unique springtime table with the Spring Wreath forming the centerpiece of the arrangement. Four charming little girls with floral garlands in their hair offer delightful greetings with cakes and blossoms. To add a distinctive personal touch, you can arrange placecard holders at each setting and inscribe name cards for each of your guests – they’ll never feel more welcomed! The card holders can also make particularly impressive gifts for honored guests to take home with them.

Please note that the Spring Wreath is not available in the USA.

Welcome the spring

Bring spring into your home with a seasonal arrangement on a table or shelf. Make your selection from the ranks of joyful Blossom Kinder, all of whom carry in their hands colorful flowers such as tulips, narcissi or snowflakes. Place a vase of fresh flowers by their side, either in coordinating colors for a subtle look or in contrasting tones for a more dramatic arrangement. Completely according to your taste. This is a perfect way for you and your Wendt & Kühn figurines to welcome spring into your home.

In the spotlight

Their simple, timeless design means that the Display Shelves go with any style of decor and offer endless ways of displaying your favorite figurines. Let your imagination run free and listen to the stories that the Angels and the Blossom Kinder and Friends tell you when you arrange them on the up to seven small disks. The sliding disks are moveable and provide creative space for ever changing scenes – with selected individual figurines, a big spring parade or a trio of musicians. Inspired by the season, a special occasion or simply to suit your mood. In these surroundings the Angels and Blossom Kinder from Wendt & Kühn will make new friends. And who knows perhaps among them there is a figurine from your childhood or even an old family heirloom – this way you can bring into your home part of your childhood and combine it with the stylish living we expect in the here and now.