Giving wings
to our dreams

The Dreamer, our new Gold Edition No 13, is truly a dream. Accompanied by a little butterfly, it invites us to dream and encourages us to give our imaginations free rein. A wonderful gift for small people with big dreams and for grown-ups who do not want to forget how to dream. And of course for all butterfly lovers too, who are encouraged not to take life too seriously by this cheerful and carefree master of metamorphosis.

April showers
bring May flowers

We have seldom felt the desire for new joy as much as this year. So look forward to an Angel with umbrella and charm, a crowned sequel and masterpiece in green.

All our new products are available to purchase from Wendt & Kühn’s own stores in Grünhainichen and Seiffen and from your specialist retailer.

Princess style

The Knitting Matron with the illustrious name, “Princess”, will be reintroduced into the collection in May 2020. Her bright yellow dress is painted with translucent paint giving it a real depth of color. The striking ruff around the neck of this fine lady requires the finest craftsmanship. A lot of work, truly worthy of a princess. The unique design and form of this Knitting Matron makes a lasting impression, not only on fans of fine knitwear.

To mark an anniversary

100 years have passed since Olly Sommer, later Wendt, arrived at the Wendt & Kühn workshops and matured into a highly talented designer. We are celebrating the anniversary of her joining the company with a reissue of a very special Olly Wendt design that she created in February 1925: The angel holding a golden heart and flower, whose petals can be used to hold a candle.

Courageous explorers

With their friendly demeanor and charming nature, this trio from Wendt & Kühn is perfect for all lovers of owls. And a wonderful gift for brilliant minds and bold operators, small eggheads and courageous explorers, too. As prudent counsellors in all situations, a source of wisdom in the workplace and with keen insight that will last forever.

The awakening of spring

For more than 100 years, the figurines of Wendt & Kühn have accompanied people in good times and bad. Their charm and childlike naivety bring us joy. They deliver felicitations, greetings and messages straight from the heart. And they provide comfort in those moments when we need support.

Take pleasure, particularly during these dark days, in the awakening of nature around us and the joyful and carefree Blossom Kinder and angel musicians from our workshops in Grünhainichen. When you look at your Wendt & Kühn figurines, they will bring a smile to your face. Everyday anew. In the spirit of the German poet Eduard Mörike: “You always need to have something that will give you pleasure.”

Tip for shared time at home

Come on, let’s read
and play!

The external circumstances we currently face have limited what we can do in our everyday lives. But these uncertain times also give us the opportunity to reflect on what really matters and to fill the time we have together with precious moments, for example by reading and playing games. Why not try our book “How the Angel got his Eleven Dots”? It tells the story of the Angel with Shawm who wants to become a member of the large orchestra. In the board game of the same name, four aspiring angels tackle their tasks in the individual departments of the workshops together. Or you can immerse yourself in the world of fairy tales with our jigsaw puzzles featuring the Sterntaler Girl and Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.

Have fun reading and playing.

Gift idea

For matters of the heart

It’s certainly no secret that the musical talents of our Grünhainichen Angels® are known around the world. But even offstage, they still sing to our hearts – as our Angel with Letter and Flowers. As an ambassador of the heart, this cherub makes a gift sure to delight any special loved one. And not just on birthdays or Christmas. Especially as a lovely little surprise in good as well as hard times, from a heartfelt apology to a sincere thank you. A figurine to let all those special people know: “I’m so glad you’re in my life!”