A treat for the taste buds

This year we are delighted to bring you an Advent calendar once again. Behind every little door lies an exquisite chocolate made by the family-run company Wagner in Schleswig-Holstein. Truffles, marzipan, nougat and brittle that make the hearts of connoisseurs beat just a little faster. The picture on the calendar is just as heavenly: Graceful angels playing music under a richly decorated Christmas tree.

Heavenly products for autumn

Our new additions give us a reason to look forward to the cozy months ahead. Even though autumn and Advent are still a long way off, we can already imagine how the figurines, Christmas tree decorations and wonderful accessories such as our candles and napkins will beautify our homes.

The new Gold Edition

A wonderful gift for shell collectors, and for those who love the sound of the sea and nature’s treasures. And also for those who are on the road to finding themselves.

Elegance and beauty

When tradition, skill and a love of craftsmanship are united, something quite unique is born. This is why we have collaborated with the Meissen Porcelain Manufactory to create something very special. This gift set, comprising our little girl sitting on a mound in front of a delicate yellow marsh marigold, and an elegant porcelain dish with a gold rim, is available from Wendt & Kühn’s own stores in Seiffen and Grünhainichen or from your specialist retailer.

The art of craftsmanship

Wendt & Kühn has stood for fine German craftsmanship at its most beautiful since 1915. At Wendt & Kühn, the mastery and artistry of figurine manufacturing has been passed down from generation to generation. We draw on a wealth of original samples and designs in conscientiously developing them in contemporary interpretations.

New addition in October

Our nativity scene goes on sale

The return to the Wendt & Kühn collection of a very special design from our grand design legacy has been eagerly anticipated. Before it even went on sale we had already received hundreds of orders for this nativity scene designed by Grete Wendt in 1910/1911, before the company was founded. Mary, Joseph, the Child in the crib and a nativity angel are the first four figurines that will have everyone’s eye on them this Advent. After a rather longer drying time than had been anticipated, the wait is now over and the figurines are available to purchase from our specialist retailers and our in-house stores in Grünhainichen and Seiffen.
Learn more about the history of this design.

    Cover of the book in green.

    An opportunity to purchase

    Olly Wendt – A Portrait

    One name is inextricably linked with Wendt & Kühn: Olly Wendt (née Sommer). To mark her 125th birthday in 2021 we have produced a book in a limited edition of 1,920 copies. The number of copies corresponds to the year in which this talented designer started working at the Grünhainichen manufactory, five years after the foundation of Wendt & Kühn.
    Through a series of individual episodes emerges an authentic portrait of this exceptional personality.

    We will send your copy to your home address.

      Recommendation of the month

      Golden Autumn

      The friends of our Blossom Kinder herald in the autumn with their brightly colored lanterns. But they are not to be deterred by the cooler temperatures. The beautiful autumn sun allows them to enjoy just as much fun outdoors, surrounded by the vivid colors of nature, as in the summer – on long autumn hikes, at lantern parades for Halloween and at the 6th anniversary of Wendt & Kühn World in Grünhainichen, on October 3. And if the temperature does drop, the lantern children are warmly dressed in jackets, long pants and smart hats.

      The Girl with the Round Lantern and the Boy with the Long Lantern are available from our in-house stores in Grünhainichen and Seiffen and from your local retailer.

        Latest additions in autumn: e. g. Marguerite Angels, Grünhainichen Angels, Santa Claus.

        New additions for autumn

        Heavenly figurines for autumn

        Although we hope there are still many more summery days to come, we are venturing a quick look ahead to autumn and Advent, which is even further away. For it is then that the Christmas tree angels from Wendt & Kühn provide the musical accompaniment to the Christmas spirit. This year the sounds of the saxophone, concertina, maracas and clarinet will come to the fore, as these are the instruments played by our new angels on celestial bodies, our suspended Grünhainichen Angel® and our Marguerite Angel. An angel with beautifully wrapped gifts on its knee also perches in the branches on a golden clip and observes the happy goings on. From October 2021 our small Santa Claus on Star will be looking forward to a reflective Advent, too. This year we have an additional surprise, which is the return of our Advent calendar that promises exquisite sweet treats.

          Marguerite Angels with puppet or embroidery hoop.

          Gift ideas for (almost) every hobby

          For knitters, air guitarists and passionate cooks

          Are you looking for a gift that reflects the hobby of the recipient? Equipped with appropriate accessories, our angels accompany their owners everywhere: to the rehearsal room, the sewing studio or the kitchen. They always have with them their instruments, toys, cooking utensils or handiwork. There is something here for everyone.

          Discover our personal gift ideas.


            Sustainable craftsmanship

            With our figurines and music boxes lovingly fashioned by hand, we form part of the artisan tradition of the Erzgebirge region. And with this tradition comes responsibility, as our most important raw material is timber. Our aim is to use this local raw material conscientiously and sparingly, and to preserve the natural beauty that surrounds us. At Wendt & Kühn we of course ensure to design our production processes sustainably and save resources. Find out more about sustainability at Wendt & Kühn.

              Gift idea

              For matters of the heart

              It’s certainly no secret that the musical talents of our Grünhainichen Angels® are known around the world. But even offstage, they still sing to our hearts – as our Angel with Letter and Flowers. As an ambassador of the heart, this cherub makes a gift sure to delight any special loved one. And not just on birthdays or Christmas. Especially as a lovely little surprise in good as well as hard times, from a heartfelt apology to a sincere thank you. A figurine to let all those special people know: “I’m so glad you’re in my life!”