Of merry angels and the magic of the stars

At present, as the sun smiles down on us from a bright blue sky, autumn seems a long way off. But this most beautiful time of the year, with its splendor of brightly colored leaves is fast approaching. Deep in thought, the Richly Painted Angel delicately strokes the strings of its violin and strikes up a soft autumn melody. Our Angel in the Toy Village and the Sterntaler Girl are also here to get you in tune with the shorter days to come. And merry angels join them in adding a festive touch.

All our new autumn products will be available in Wendt & Kühn’s own stores in Seiffen and Grünhainichen from August 18, 2018. Our authorized retailers will be selling these from August 20, 2018.

Joining the collection on August 6, 2018

For global explorers

Whether it is to travel to foreign lands or to find oneself – every journey, however long, always begins with a first step. The Globetrotter from Wendt & Kühn strides out full of courage. His luggage is a 24-karat gold-plated suitcase that he carries in his hand and a joyful heart in his breast. The metal base on which he stands is also plated in 24-karat gold. The Gold Edition No 11 is produced in a strictly limited edition, only 22,222 of these figurines will be travelling around the world. The Globetrotter will go on sale at Wendt & Kühn’s in-house stores in Seiffen and Grünhainichen on August 4, 2018. Our authorized retailers and will be selling this Gold Edition from August 6, 2018.

The Globetrotter is also available on a grey base – not in a limited edition.

Creating lasting
birthday memories

Birthdays are such special days. Loved ones come to visit, wishes are shared, laughter and merriment fills the air. When you’re looking to make someone’s big day all that much brighter and create a lasting memory for them, our Well-Wishers are just the right envoys! Why not make it even more personal by having your loved one’s name inscribed on the base of the figurine? 

My Wendt & Kühn

Did you know that Wendt & Kühn now grants individual wishes? It’s absolutely true when you have us add your own personal inscription to selected figurines. That`s what our “My Wendt & Kühn” offer is all about: High-quality unique pieces, never to be duplicated again in all the world. A distinctively personal way to say “thanks” 365 days of the year, extend birthday wishes or commemorate a baptism. From the very first day of school to the very last final examination, these Grünhainichen figurines are always delighted to take on the role of a personable well-wisher. 

In the spotlight

Would you like to give greater prominence to individual figurines in your collection? Here your favorite figurines get a new stage on which to shine. You will be thrilled with the design possibilities offered by the new wall-mounted display shelves with seven sliding plates. You can mix and match your figurines to suit the season, the special occasion or simply because you want to.

customer magazine

The new eleven dot post is here

It is that time of year again! We have put together for you a new edition of the eleven dot post magazine. In the 12th edition you can going on a journey into the fabulous world of owls and our Globetrotter takes you on an entertaining tour and to a time when Grete and Olly Wendt went on travels of their own.

If you haven’t discovered our customer magazine before, simply follow the link to request a subscription and you will receive the print edition of the eleven dot post once a year free of charge.

We hope you will enjoy the new issue.

Globetrotter on tour

Once around the whole world …

Travel stands for a spirit of adventure and discovery, it opens our eyes and teaches us tolerance. Whether you are travelling near or far, to exotic lands or to find yourself. The new Gold Edition from Wendt & Kühn, the Globetrotter, aims to discover the world – accompanied by you! Simply photograph your Globetrotter in well-known locations or in front of tourist attractions around the globe and upload your picture directly to our website by 01 August 2019.

As a thank-you we will enter all participants into a prize draw to win one of ten examples of the next Gold Edition. Want to know more? You will find all the details here.

Enigmatic night owls

Masterpieces of figurative craftsmanship

In May 2018 a masterly trio of owls joined our collection. They are a reissue of figurines that first appeared in the company catalog for 1930. No other group of figurines from Wendt & Kühn combines perfection of form and color as impressively as these owls. The way they are painted is quite unique and makes them true masterpieces of figurative craftsmanship. An exclusive video shows the painstaking work that goes into their production and how the unique paint effects are achieved. You will be amazed!

Special exhibition at Wendt & Kühn World

Animal and fairy tale magic

When you see owls meeting up with penguins, the “Sterntaler Girl” hanging out with Cinderella, and little Tom Thumb bumping into Puss in Boots, you know that fairy tale magic has come to Wendt & Kühn. Our special exhibition “In the realm of the imagination – figurines depicting fairy tales, animals and children” presents a selection of them at
Wendt & Kühn World in Grünhainichen – together with rare drawings and old children’s books. Experience this animal and fairy tale magic every day from 10am to 5pm. We look forward to welcoming you!

Fall at Wendt & Kühn

Glorious Berry Season

With baskets and jars brimming with harvested fruit, the Berry Pickers return from their foraging trip. They have collected sweet blackberries and plump round blueberries – perfect for snacking on, for baking and for making jam. And also for use in decorating! As a colorful complement to our Berry Pickers, for example. The small colorful fruits provide the perfect foil for our unusual trio and bring out the best in them. The Berry Pickers have been enthusiastically plucked back into our collection as of 2015.

Gift idea

For matters of the heart

It’s certainly no secret that the musical talents of our Grünhainichen Angels® are known around the world. But even offstage, they still sing to our hearts – as our Angel with Letter and Flowers. As an ambassador of the heart, this cherub makes a gift sure to delight any special loved one. And not just on birthdays or Christmas. Especially as a lovely little surprise in good as well as hard times, from a heartfelt apology to a sincere thank you. A figurine to let all those special people know: “I’m so glad you’re in my life!”

Day Trip Tip

A magical day at the Wendt & Kühn World of Figures

Are you planning a day trip with friends, family or just for the two of you? How does a fun-filled day exploring a unique atmosphere and making lovely new discoveries sound to you? Then please come visit us at the Wendt & Kühn World of Figures. Wander through our magical world of Blossom Kinder and eleven dot angels and delight in the melodies ringing out from our many music boxes. We’re open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Gift idea

For those special treasures

These splinter boxes are real gems. This much is apparent at first glance – and when you open them and take a second look, so to speak, you discover so much more. These painted wooden containers guard secrets, preserve memories and provide space for treasured possessions. Your first movie theater ticket, snapshots from photo booths and even kitsch holiday souvenirs that bring back so many happy memories. Small mementos we pick up and look at from time to time that conjure up memories. Some happy, some sad, but always quite personal to us.