Our angels are looking forward to summer

Our Grünhainichen Angels, Marguerite Angels and Angels with Crowns are each beautiful in their own way and all will be happy to accompany you throughout the summer and beyond.

Our new additions are all available from Wendt & Kühn’s own stores in Seiffen and Grünhainichen and from your specialist retailer.

Elegance and beauty

When tradition, skill and a love of craftsmanship are united, something quite unique is born. This is why we have collaborated with the Meissen Porcelain Manufactory to create something very special. This gift set, comprising our little girl sitting on a mound in front of a delicate yellow marsh marigold, and an elegant porcelain dish with a gold rim, is available from Wendt & Kühn’s own stores in Seiffen and Grünhainichen or from your specialist retailer.

Creating lasting
birthday memories

Birthdays are such special days. Loved ones come to visit, wishes are shared, laughter and merriment fills the air. When you’re looking to make someone’s big day all that much brighter and create a lasting memory for them, our Well-Wishers are just the right envoys! Why not make it even more personal by having your loved one’s name inscribed on the base of the figurine? 

The art of craftsmanship

Wendt & Kühn has stood for fine German craftsmanship at its most beautiful since 1915. At Wendt & Kühn, the mastery and artistry of figurine manufacturing has been passed down from generation to generation. We draw on a wealth of original samples and designs in conscientiously developing them in contemporary interpretations.

My Wendt & Kühn

Did you know that Wendt & Kühn that you can add your own personal inscription to selected figurines? That`s what our “My Wendt & Kühn” offer is all about: High-quality unique pieces, never to be duplicated again in all the world. A distinctively personal way to say “thanks”, extend birthday wishes or commemorate a baptism. The Grünhainichen figurines are always delighted to take on the role of a personable well-wisher.

Recommendation of the month

A faithful companion from the very beginning

The moment when a baby first sees the light of day is one that is eagerly awaited. The graceful stork carries the baby in its long red beak securely wrapped in a soft white cloth. And accompanying them both on their exciting journey into the world is a Grünhainichen Angel. Right from the very beginning the angel watches over this new addition to the human race, and it will always do so, even later when they are grown up. Personalized according to your wishes and in appropriate colors for a girl or a boy, the Stork with Baby makes a very special gift for the birth of a child.

The Stork with Baby is available from your local retailer.

Gift idea

For matters of the heart

It’s certainly no secret that the musical talents of our Grünhainichen Angels® are known around the world. But even offstage, they still sing to our hearts – as our Angel with Letter and Flowers. As an ambassador of the heart, this cherub makes a gift sure to delight any special loved one. And not just on birthdays or Christmas. Especially as a lovely little surprise in good as well as hard times, from a heartfelt apology to a sincere thank you. A figurine to let all those special people know: “I’m so glad you’re in my life!”