A very special Partnership

An Angel for the World Childhood Foundation

With the help of the Eleven Dot Angels’ inherent strength and the open hearts of Wendt & Kühn fans all over the world it is our wish to support the work of the World Childhood Foundation.

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The art of craftsmanship

Wendt & Kühn has stood for fine German craftsmanship at its most beautiful since 1915. At Wendt & Kühn, the mastery and artistry of figurine manufacturing has been passed down from generation to generation. We draw on a wealth of original samples and designs in conscientiously developing them in contemporary interpretations.

Creating lasting
birthday memories

Birthdays are such special days. Loved ones come to visit, wishes are shared, laughter and merriment fills the air. When you’re looking to make someone’s big day all that much brighter and create a lasting memory for them, our Well-Wishers are just the right envoys! Why not make it even more personal by having your loved one’s name inscribed on the base of the figurine? 

My Wendt & Kühn

Did you know that Wendt & Kühn that you can add your own personal inscription to selected figurines? That`s what our “My Wendt & Kühn” offer is all about: High-quality unique pieces, never to be duplicated again in all the world. A distinctively personal way to say “thanks”, extend birthday wishes or commemorate a baptism. The Grünhainichen figurines are always delighted to take on the role of a personable well-wisher.

Our new additions to be released in May

May we present

A very colorful group of figurines is set to join our collection on May 13. A gnome designed by Grete Wendt in 1926, dressed in a traditional red suit with bobble hat and carrying a sack on his back, has arrived to help his gnome friends in the house and garden.

A heavenly drummer, the Angel wearing Crown, twirls its drumsticks in the air and provides the beat for its musician friends. It is now one of three musical members of this group of figurines, together with the Angels wearing Crowns playing the small trumpet and lute.

An ambassador for children’s rights has long been an aspiration of ours. Now, for the first time in their history of more than 100 years, one of our Eleven Dot Angels has eleven different colored dots on its green wings instead of the traditional white dots. Here you can find out more about the story behind this particular design and how you can help to strengthen children’s rights.

An ambassador for children’s rights

A project close to our hearts

Eleven Dot Angels have the power to keep childhood memories alive and to bring joy to young and old alike. All the harmony and childlike innocence conveyed by our figurines, however, must be set against the harsh reality that not all children in this world enjoy a carefree childhood. This is where the obligation of the “grown-ups” starts, to ensure that the children of today and tomorrow grow up in a loving environment. With the help of the Eleven Dot Angels’ inherent strength and the open hearts of Wendt & Kühn fans we wish to support the work of the World Childhood Foundation Germany going forward. The Foundation was founded 25 years ago by Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden.

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Happy Birthday!

A charming greeting

Four of the angels have practiced long and hard in order to serenade themselves and their friends at the 100th birthday celebrations in 2023. Composed of two violins, a cello and a double bass, this quartet enchants not only their fellow Eleven Dot Angels with their merry playing, but from now onwards their admirers and followers all over the world, as well. And in particular birthday boys and girls of all ages. You can view and share the clip here.

The Composer

Gold Edition No 16

The notes the angel is holding in its hands appear to be dancing up and down. It embodies most impressively the magic that music generates. It awakens emotions without the need for words. But what is the melody hiding within the notes on the stave? With the first notes of “Happy Birthday”, the composer strikes up what is probably the best-known birthday song – to mark the anniversary of the Eleven Dot Angels and the birthdays of all their admirers. Lovingly fashioned by hand the figurine expresses the skill of the craftsman in creating an exclusive work of art. This angel will bestow on its owner the magic of music throughout their life.

This angel continues the range of unique pieces which now includes 16 figurines. The edition with the gold-plated base will only be manufactured this year and is limited to 22,222 pieces. This Gold Edition is available at both our ‘Worlds’ in Grünhainichen and Seiffen and from authorized retailers.



Decorative ideas to take you through the year

Lovingly displayed

In the “Decorating” section you will find a wealth of ideas for using our enchanting figurines, such as the Blossom Kinder, Gnomes, Marguerite and Eleven-Dot Angels, to create decorative scenes at home. Take time to regularly rearrange your favorite figurines so you can enjoy them all the year round.