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Nowhere else can Wendt & Kühn be experienced as authentically as in Grünhainichen. Here where it all began in 1915. Here where the traditional production of Blossom Kinder, Eleven Dot Angels and all the other figurines continues to this very day. Here where the unique design legacy – created by company founders Grete Wendt and her lifelong friend Olly Wendt – is securely protected and fully credited as the inspiration for the current collection. Here where family history has long been written and the future of the traditional company is shaped.

Our staff at Wendt & Kühn World are here to welcome you every day from 10am to 5pm, including weekends and public holidays.

Our World of Wendt & Kühn will be closed on December 25 and 26 as well as January 1. On December 24 and 31 the world’s doors will close at 1.00pm.

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It was often everyday things that gave Grete Wendt the inspiration to create new figurines. Native meadow flowers, birds sitting on a twig or school children in front of the half-timbered house on Chemnitzer Straße. But she was also approached with numerous requests from outside. Even before the company was founded in 1915, Grete Wendt was approached by companies, institutions and the state to have the designer realize their ideas. Firms such as the Sächsische Brotfabrik Union in Chemnitz, Iduna Germania Versicherung in Hamburg, and the Minister President of the GDR Otto Grotewohl and the city of Dresden, too, commissioned her to design advertising figurines or their next Christmas gift for their employees. Some of them became part of the Wendt & Kühn collection, others are now genuinely rare.

Using more than 35 figurines and numerous sketches, designs and photographs, the exhibition presents 24 selected commissions undertaken for companies, institutions and specialist retailers.

Our special exhibition is open until March 29, 2020. During this time visitors can follow our fascinating research every day from 10am to 5pm. Admission free.

Classified as “especially family friendly”

Family-friendly World of Wendt & Kühn

In November 2017, the World of Wendt & Kühn became an ambassador for the “Familienurlaub in Sachsen” (Family Holiday in Saxony) brand initiative. This quality campaign was launched in 2005 by Tourismus Marketing Gesellschaft Sachsen mbH (TMGS) in response to the high standards demanded by families with young children from holiday destinations and leisure providers. As part of this initiative, our sales and exhibition area was recently subjected to a forensic inspection by an independent agency. We had to fulfill around 50 strict mandatory criteria to qualify as a “family-friendly” destination. These included hands-on activities suitable for children, family-friendly staff and child-specific safety precautions. When we reorganized the world of Wendt & Kühn in 2015, we consciously incorporated these requirements into our design plans with the aim of creating an experience to be enjoyed by people of all ages. As they make their way around the World of Wendt & Kühn, visitors young and old encounter exhibits and activities ranging from the analog to the virtual‑interactive designed to illustrate and explain the genesis of the world-famous Angels and Blossom Kinder. On this tour of discovery, which shows each stage from the wooden block through to the finished figurine, even the youngest visitor acquires a degree of expert knowledge about the process. This makes the World of Wendt & Kühn an exceptional family outing all year round. And what’s more, it is now official.

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Experiences on offer

"Discover - Experience - Marvel"

Explore the historical gallery under expert guidance. Then test your skills on our analogue and interactive exhibits. Find out more.

“The Gift of Joy”

On a tour of our interactive world, experience the journey taken by the wood and explore our historical gallery and its Grand Sample Cabinet. Find out more.

“History to Enjoy”

Under expert guidance explore the historical gallery of Wendt & Kühn World and immerse yourself in more than 100 years of the workshops’ history. Find out more.

“Holiday Discovery Tour”

During the school holidays, children can go on an exciting journey of discovery, try out the exhibits in the interactive world for themselves and search for answers to the discovery quiz. Find out more.

“Following the footsteps of a Blossom Child”

Together with an experienced nature guide, explore Grünhainichen and embark on a fascinating voyage of discovery. Find out more.