Autumn mood

Fall is the season of diversity. While we are still enjoying the autumn sun in September and October and keeping an eye out for delicious berries and colorful leaves, very soon the days become markedly cooler and shorter. Then it’s time to move indoors and enjoy cozy hours reading and playing games. The Blossom Kinder, angels and their friends, plus a few of their animal companions, can help create just the right atmosphere.

Decorative ideas for autumn

Wise companions

Known for their wisdom, these nocturnal birds are often found as the patrons of schools, universities and book stores. This trio of owls will also keep you company in your own home throughout the fall, the season well known as the time for spending cozy hours travelling widely within the pages of romance novels, murder mysteries and non-fiction. What could be a more appropriate stage for this parliament of owls than the open pages of a favorite old book?

Autumn melody

Nature itself provides the most beautiful fall decorations – with chestnuts, rosehips etc. providing everything for stunning arrangements. Here, for example, colorful dried leaves become small stages for our angel musicians. Arranged in ones, twos or threes, this appearance by the Eleven Dot Angels impresses, not just because of the autumnal melody the winged musicians are playing, but also because of the creative stage setting.

A fairy-tale setting

As the days grow shorter we all like to lose ourselves in the magic of fairy tales. To get in the mood for a magical fall, you can create a scene to suit the season using the small heroes and heroines from story books. Here, an autumnal branch of berries has been placed behind Cinderella sitting at her tiled stove. And if you like, you can always add some lentils and hazelnuts to complement the arrangement.

Sweet berries

These Berry Pickers have just returned from a foraging trip with rich pickings. They have collected sweet blackberries and plump blueberries in their jugs and baskets – perfect for snacking on, for baking and for making jam. And also for use in decorating! As a colorful complement to our Berry Pickers, for example. The small bright fruits provide perfect accents and bring out the best in our trio.

Starry, starry nights

On cold autumn nights you get a clear view of the stars. This magical sight is mirrored in the “Globe” music box where five Eleven Dot Angels play music while sitting on small moons under a golden star. The two angels placed at the foot of this celestial music box feel in awe of this wonderful setting. You can also add small stars to complement the scene.

For stargazers

This decorative idea continues the celestial theme. The Moon Family, made up of Father Moon, Mother Sun and their four Star Children, has gathered together on this side table smiling at all who see them. Careful details such as the star chart behind them finish off this arrangement. Also next to them is a candle holder that resembles the ones held by the figurines themselves.

Are you interested in the figurines from our decoration ideas?

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