Autumn decorating tips

Bright colors for autumn

Days are gradually getting shorter, birds are making their way south and leaves on the trees delight us with their magnificent display of color – autumn in all its beauty has arrived. And Wendt & Kühn’s children with lanterns are an integral part of this atmospheric time of year. They carry their colorful lanterns with pride. Arranged on a bureau or sideboard they bring a warm and festive atmosphere to any room.

Glorious Berry Season

Sweet blackberries, rich red raspberries, plump round blueberries. Perfect for nibbling, baking and making jam. And: for decorating! With our colorful Berry Pickers, for example. Their tiny, brightly painted fruits provide delightful accents and add a certain special luster to our unusual little trio. The Berry Pickers have been enthusiastically plucked back into our collection as of August 2015.