Founding of the “M. Wendt & M. Kühn” general partnership on
October 1. Among the very first creations were candle-bearing
angels, chests, lathed boxes and candelabra.


Participation at the Leipzig Trade Show.


Company relocation to the old half-timbered house
on Chemnitzer Straße.


Grete Wendt’s brother Johannes came on board as co-owner
of “Wendt & Kühn OHG” and took over the business side of the
company. Dresden's Prof. Junge designs the company trademark.


The company trademark was registered with the Reichspatentamt
(State Patent Department). Olly Sommer came to Grünhainichen
after graduating from Dresden's Academy of Applied Art. She later
married Johannes Wendt and worked alongside Grete Wendt as an
influential designer. Margarete Kühn left the company after
getting married.


Margarete Wendt designs the
first Angel Musicians.


Production moves into the new workshop buildings and
the first company catalog was published. Figural designs
distinctly dominate the collection.


Second company catalog: In addition to the numerous figurines,
the collection also included many music boxes and clocks
for children's bedrooms. Twins Sigrid and Hans Wendt
were born on October 9.


The collection already encompasses 800 designs.
Publication of a supplement to the 1930 company catalog.


Production moves into the newly built
workshop buildings on October 1.


Wendt & Kühn slated for the World’s Fair in Paris where the
GRAND PRIX and a gold medal was bestowed on the
“Angel Mountain with Madonna” composition.


The company’s 25th anniversary. Due to the outbreak of the war, stocks were in short supply and it became increasingly difficult to obtain raw materials. The company was able to avoid direct involvement in the production of armaments as manufacturing models for officer training kept the production running.


Johannes Wendt was deported to Russia
where he died in December in an internment camp.


A referendum in Saxony led to 50% of the company
being expropriated. Margarete Wendt protested
this and was allowed to repurchase the
expropriated share.


Repurchase of the nationalized share of the company.
The collection was expanded, employment was at 85.
Wendt & Kühn takes part in the Leipzig and Frankfurt/Main trade fairs.


Hans Wendt joined the company on
November 1, later taking over the management
of the Grünhainichen workshops.


Margarete Wendt was honored for her 100th participation
at the Leipzig Design Exhibition where she had been exhibiting since 1916.


Imposed nationalization and renaming to
“VEB Werk-Kunst Grünhainichen” – allowing the “W-K” initials
to be retained. As Works Director, Hans Wendt was able to
preserve the character of the manufacturing.
Margarete Wendt leaves the company.


Margarete Wendt dies at the age of 92 in Grünhainichen.


Reprivatization on July 1.
As full partner, Hans Wendt launches the company’s new chapter as
“Wendt & Kühn KG”.


Olly Wendt dies at the age of 95 in Grünhainichen.


Extensive modernization of the production and administrative areas
plus construction of a wood storage/drying hall.


Reconstruction of the original 1936 production
building and new production construction.


Extensive renovation of the half-timbered house,
now a protected historic monument, as administrative
offices and sales display space.
Tobias Wendt joins the company.


Extensive expansion of the original
1924 production building.


Inauguration of a new production building.


After 47 years of untiring commitment to the company
(44 of them as managing director), Hans Wendt hands the reins of the
family business over to his son Tobias on December 31.


Hans Wendt is awarded Germany’s Cross of Merit on October 7 in
honor of his life’s work. Wendt & Kühn welcomes visitors to its
very first Open House Day in October.
A building is purchased in Seiffen in December.


The Seiffen World of Figures sales gallery opens in October
after the complete renovation of the newly purchased Seiffen building
and the founding of Figurenwelt Seiffen GmbH.


Recognized for “Tradition and Form” by the Association of
Erzgebirge Artisans and Toymakers / the District Administrator
and the Sparkasse Mittleres Erzgebirge bank with the
“Outstanding Traditional Heritage – Grünhainichen Angels®” award.


Hans Wendt passes away on September 10 at the age
of 77 after a long, serious illness.


Sigrid Wendt, Hans Wendt’s twin sister
and Wendt & Kühn partner, passes away on May 21.


95th anniversary of the founding of the historical
Wendt & Kühn workshops. Tobias Wendt leaves the company
at the end of the year.


The family management reins are passed on to Tobias Wendt’s siblings,
Claudia Baer, née Wendt, and Dr. Florian Wendt,
on January 1.


Wendt & Kühn World of Figures in Seiffen celebrates its 10th anniversary in October with long-time customers, employees and partners and welcomes its millionth visitor.


In preparation for the company’s 100th anniversary, renovations are set to start in March at our main Grünhainichen headquarters. While this work will have an impact on both our packing and shipping department as well as our storage facilities, we also realize it’s an important undertaking focused on creating a spectacular new experience within our historical half-timbered walls for visitors and employees alike by October 2015.


In 2015, Wendt & Kühn commemorates its 100th anniversary. We celebrate this very special anniversary with all those who have accompanied us along the way including our retail partners of many years and of course all the fans and collectors of our figurines.

The formal grand opening of the World of Wendt & Kühn is set for October 3rd. Visitors are then be able to savor our new premises during an entire week of anniversary celebrations until October 11th. This new 268 m2 world invites you to explore to your heart’s content and make exciting discoveries all your own. And will of course also put our legendary Grand Sample Cabinet right back into the spotlight again.