That summer feeling

Summer decorating tips

Warm sunshine, balmy nights, fields and meadows alight with color – summertime is simply wonderful. Our Blossom Kinder love the summer, too. Arranged on a coffee table or bureau, or taken as a gift to an outdoor celebration – wherever they are, they cut a fine figure. And bring with them a touch of summer that makes everyone happy.

Summer accents in boho style

Macramé, earth tones, natural materials and golden accents are all celebrating a comeback in “boho style”. It can bring a cozy atmosphere to your home, particularly in summer, without being too overpowering. Our Gold Editions fit perfectly into this style. Display your favorite figurines with dried flowers, in macramé or alongside unusual storage containers or gold accessories, like the singing bowl pictured here.

All in a row

These colorful dried flowers can withstand the warmest of temperatures. Bright colored flowers placed individually in a wooden block provide an unusual backdrop for your favorite figurines and a place for the Blossom Kinder and their friends to meet up.

Kissed by the sun

A girl and a boy meet. They look happy and carefree. Him in a jaunty cap, smart shirt and casually rolled up pants. Her in a pink checkered dress, with her sun hat on her back. Proudly they present their flowers to the sun. The boy his bright yellow gazania, the girl her pansy in vibrant colors. Combine them with pastel-colored accessories, a summery table cloth and fresh flowers that pick up the colors of both Blossom Kinder, and bring summer into your home even on dull days.