Santa's little helpers

Marguerite Angels

Awash in childlike bliss and exuding a nostalgic pastoral charm:
the Marguerite Angels from Wendt & Kühn. Delicate, almost fairy-like, all of four centimeters (1.5 inches) tall, and yet what they hold in their hands is even tinier still: saucepan and rolling pin, jumping jack and little rider, teddy bear and toy train. A steady hand,
a good eye and maximum dexterity are imperative when producing these miniature figurines, who incidentally got their name from the chain of marguerites crowning their heads. Their wide range of adorable activities have turned them into very popular collector items and we now feature more than 40 Marguerite Angels to win the hearts of young and old alike. Whether standing tall or seated on a little blue bench, they offer infinite arranging and grouping possibilities, thereby ensuring they’ll tell a different story each and every time.

When a collection of Marguerite Angels has already swelled to a considerable crowd, a Wendt & Kühn Angel Mountain makes a beautiful display platform. The rich blue of the mountain plays up the touch of color in their delicate wings. And creates a heavenly setting for dreamers and storytellers.

Marguerite Angels not only captivate the eye when arranged on a side table or an Angel Mountain, they can also be truly enchanting when suspended from lofty heights or when sparkling in candlelit glory on delicate threads or golden rings adorning a Christmas tree. These gossamer-white creations are especially exquisite set against the dark green of the tree branches.