Small Christmas worlds

The most beautiful decorations are those that have a story to tell – and Advent is no exception. Our figurines are perfect for this. Place our little helpers in a scene that befits them and where they will feel at home with their accessories. This way you can create small festive highlights all around your home without going overboard. These bakers, for example, can be placed on a kitchen shelf. A baking tin serves as a small stage on which they proudly present their creations, and whet our appetites for home-baked Christmas cookies, gingerbread and stollen.

More decorative ideas for Christmas

Christmas procession

Music boxes from Wendt & Kühn work wonderfully – either displayed on their own or combined with accompanying figurines that continue the story of the music box. Many of the figurines featured on the boxes are also available as figurines in their own right – as are the trees which you can arrange next to the music box. An important tip is to use an uneven number – just as with a bouquet of flowers. The small pixies lend additional charm to the scene.

A heavenly circle

Sprigs of greenery, white candles, a shimmering white ribbon and, as the highlight of this Advent wreath – Angels on Clips. With their white robes and green wings with eleven white dots they are the crowning glory of this dream arrangement in green and white. If you want to celebrate the magic of Advent in a very special way, you can add a new angel to the wreath each Advent Sunday, until the Christmas circle is complete on the 4th Sunday in Advent.

Expertly staged

As Christmas decorations go, you cannot get more traditional than Wendt & Kühn’s Angel Orchestra arranged on a blue Angel Mountain. Angel Mountain corner units offer attractive options for displaying the heavenly orchestra to the best advantage – either on their own or combined with other Angel Mountains you already have. What’s more, this orchestra has more than just Christmas music in its repertoire and it delights its audience with its gentle sounds all year round.

Quartet in a hoop

Delicate eucalyptus branches and sprigs of spruce make the perfect base for a striking wreath. It doesn’t matter which are your favorite Eleven Dot Angels – the suspended ones, those riding on celestial bodies or the angels on clips – any of our figurines will “round out” your Christmas wreath. A gold ribbon accentuates its festive nature and helps to secure the wreath to a door or wall.

Christmas tree decorations

The Eleven Dot Angels first appeared on a decorated Christmas tree in the mid-1920s and they were joined later by the Marguerite Angels. These heavenly messengers still make eyes light up and the whole room sing when placed on Christmas trees and in floral arrangements. And it doesn’t always have to be on a Christmas tree: the angels also cut a fine figure on sprays and individual branches.

A grand appearance

A Christmas star on your windowsill – but this time not a poinsettia, but a large figurine from Wendt & Kühn. With its practical stand, the Angel Musician in Star decorates the window without the need to suspend it. But it also looks heavenly when it is suspended using the matching ribbon that comes with it. What’s more, this approximately 30-centimeter-high angel is also available sitting in a crescent moon or riding on a comet.

Understated elegance

Grete Wendt’s design for her nativity scene (designed in 1910/11) was way ahead of its time. Its straight lines and minimalist style are akin to the language of form we might have first expected from the artists of the Bauhaus in 1919. This group of figurines, characterized by its modern design and simplicity, still impresses us to this day.

Are you interested in the figurines from our decoration ideas?

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