Easter decorating tips

Eager Bunny Musicians

Let the sounds of Easter swell with our Bunny Musicians. Arrange your Bunny Musician favorites alongside beautifully simple, single-color Easter eggs. Or add even more whimsy to your Easter scene with one of our Easter children figurines. Teamed up with our Bunny Musicians, these figurines make Easter preparations a breeze and create just the right mood for the holiday. Most importantly: The Easter bunny is sure to give his seal of approval!

Eggs galore

These spirited little children seem so excited to help the Easter Bunny hide his eggs. With vim and vigor they bring out their stash of vibrantly colored eggs. Arranged in a trio and accompanied by tiny bunnies, they’re sure to charm a smile on more faces than just the Easter Bunny. It’s easy to get caught up in their exuberance: Invite friends and family over for a fun-filled Easter egg hunt. Or the shared camaraderie of creatively dyeing your own Easter eggs.

Children’s Easter laughter

Where would Easter be without the laughter of children? Isn’t it wonderful when the little ones, full of eager anticipation, rush into the garden to search for the Easter nests filled to the brim that the hard-working Easter bunny has hidden for them among the grass and bushes? This colorful arrangement of figurines, full of high spirits, captures their laughter perfectly. Proudly, the busy little girl carries her big basket full of brightly colored eggs. The little boy, too, has a heavy burden to carry with his Easter egg. The little bunny watching them with rapt attention could hardly have managed it all by itself. Luckily Easter is a festival for the whole family – so everyone can enjoy the sweet Easter surprises together.

Easter spirit

Easter is around the corner. On the last weekend in March, happy children will once again be hunting for Easter eggs hidden in the garden. When the whole family eventually sits down for chocolate and coffee, the musical long-ears will keep everyone in festive mood. Happy Easter!