For birthday girls and boys of all ages

We’re all familiar with that feeling when Christmas or a loved one’s birthday is on the horizon yet we just can’t find the right present. It should be something that sparks joy, puts a smile on your lips, and, every time you look at it, brings back memories of a special day. Read our 11 tips on how to find the perfect gift.

Birthday present ideas

Girls with numbers

Decked out in their spotted dresses, the Number Girls turn the birthday table into a true celebration. Children are especially fond of the Number Girls – they become lifelong companions who bring back wonderful memories on their birthday. Each girl is given a set of numbers from 0 to 9. Years one to nine all feature one girl, from the tenth birthday onward, she is joined by a second charming maiden.

Heavenly Goodwill Children

Ring in a new year of life with delicious cake, coffee and lemonade with your loved ones – birthdays don’t get better than this. The Marguerite Angels with their letters ensure that every festive table gets a personal touch when you display the name of the birthday child. Perhaps these heavenly messengers with wreaths of flowers in their hair also deliver birthday greetings and say “all the best”.

Hardworking guests

When the gnomes are invited, the birthday celebrations cannot fail to be a success. They have brought freshly ground coffee, a delicious cake and, of course, a present that has been lovingly wrapped by a cheerful little fellow. Other gnomes also like coming to celebrate. Did you know that each gnome has its own unique talent? This makes them loyal companions for the birthday child, whether gardening, painting or crafting.

Are you interested in the figurines from our gift ideas?

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