Starting a new chapter of life

Would you like to send a very special congratulations gift for graduation? Our Globetrotter would love to assist you and will prove a good companion in a new city, or when traveling, studying or training.

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Reaching for the stars

The period after finishing high school is very special and countless opportunities seem to open up before the high school leaver. This phase of life can also be challenging. Whether it’s choosing the right apprenticeship or degree, or traveling around the world, it’s always good advice to be bold and follow your dreams. This Marguerite Angel emboldens you to do just that – to believe in yourself and reach for the stars.

A wise companion

Owls are considered a symbol of wisdom and therefore often adorn university emblems. So, after graduating  from high school and starting your degree, what companion could be better than one of our friendly birds? They will inspire good ideas and wise decisions. And who knows, maybe more owls will join you when you pass your midterm exams or when you graduate.

Miniature colleagues

Both the angels and the Blossom Children and their friends include numerous figurines with accessories that symbolize the graduate’s future career. The gnomes with their tools are perfect for craftspeople, artists and gardeners; the Marguerite Angels offer assistance on the phone in the office and the Eleven Dot Angels play music, philosophize, write or study their books.

Are you interested in the figurines from our gift ideas?

These are available from specialist retailers and in our own stores in Grünhainichen and Seiffen. Take a look at our retailer directory to see which specialist store is near you.