How the Blossom Kinder come to life

Watch the Wendt & Kühn Blossom Kinder transform from simple chunks of wood into enchanting collector items.

The small flower bearers first begin to take on their youthful form on the woodworking lathe. The tiny head and body are already recognizable. So that this still rough piece of wood will one day become a cherished smooth figurine, it needs to undergo an abrasive bath in a drum full of sandpaper. This process is particularly important for the paint to properly adhere to the wood later on.

The boys' trousers are just one impressive example of how conscientiously Grete Wendt gave life to her designs. The legs of the pants are made in pairs and initially just look like plain little slats of wood. After the first rough contours are coaxed out of the wood, the parts are separated where the soles of the shoes meet.

First the heels take shape and the knee sections are sculpted. Not until these two pieces are glued together does the wood began to magically take on the appearance of nimble little limbs. Subtle folds still need to be created. Experienced hands scallop them into the wood, thereby completing the trousers for the cheery little flower bearer.

Once all the parts have been glued together, the figurines are “baptized” – head first into a dipping bath. This is usually a white primer which provides the ideal base for their subsequent rosy hue.

The Blossom Kinder are now handed their most important accessories – the blossoms for which they’re named. From marguerites to daffodils to bluebells – each of these delicate flowers are handcrafted with a time-honored artistic flair.


But what would these youngsters be without their colorful clothing? What would the flowers be without their dazzle of color? The girls don their adorable skirts and the boys their dashing trousers and shirts in our painting department. Soon each child is aglow with that distinctive timeless charm.

But, ultimately, it’s the faces of the Blossom Kinder that give them life. Painstakingly and highly focused, our most skilled painters bestow each figurine its own unique personality – with just a few precisely placed brush strokes.