The case for dining
in style

Table decorating tips

Aperfect meal requires a perfectly set table. It is after all where families and friends meet to chat, laugh, tell stories, celebrate and spend time together. This way of dining is not only for important celebrations, but for everyday meals and intimate dinners, too. It is all about making yourself and others happy. Our tips help you turn every moment into a really special one.

Table decorations for spring

Spring is always a special season as it marks the eagerly awaited end of a long grey winter. And springtime has arrived not only in our homes, but also on this stylishly decorated table. Our Spring Wreath forms the centerpiece of this arrangement. Four happy little girls with garlands of flowers in their hair delight us with cake and floral greetings. Our tip: Place to one side of the table wreath a posy of flowers that picks up on the girls’ delicate flowers and provides a touch of magic with perhaps some daisies or cuckoo flowers.


The decorated candles from Wendt & Kühn bring light to your festive table in the truest sense of the word. The matching paper napkins that complement the charming scenes on the candles provide the finishing touch and create a tasteful and coordinated look for your table. Your guests will be surprised and delighted.

The candles and paper napkins come in <link https: collection category angel-mountains-and-accessories external-link externen link im aktuellen>five different designs: Goodwill Children conveying loving greetings and angels bringing Christmas cheer. Please keep the wick of the candle trimmed to about 0.5cm at all times. This will ensure that the candle only burns on the inside. A safety features ensures that the candle will automatically go out when it reaches the bottom.