The case for dining in style

A perfect meal demands a perfectly set table. It is after all where families and friends meet to chat, laugh, tell stories, celebrate and spend time together. This way of eating together is not only for important celebrations, but for everyday meals and intimate dinners, too. It’s all about making yourself and others happy.

Table decorations

Small stages

So simple and yet so effective: try placing your favorite figurines on slices of wood. Arranged on their own or as a small group together with other figurines – these small stages give the cheerful companions a setting they deserve that can also be complemented with other decorative elements according to the season. What’s more, they’re really practical: if you need more space on your table, the arrangements can be moved aside with minimum effort.

Expertly staged

 A real eye-catcher. Here, the slice of wood is placed inside a glass container. This keeps your figurines safe and sound if things get slightly exuberant at the table – at a celebration meal or when playing a game. You can also add artificial snow, dried petals and leaves. The glass keeps these loose materials in one place and it gives the figurines an atmospheric setting.

11 tips for a beautifully set table

A lovingly and beautifully decorated dining table shows that you have put both thought and effort into it. Our tips will transform any table into a congenial place for spending time together.

Fantastic flower meadow

In this decorative scene, the Loving Couple under Arch appear to be running through a beautiful flower meadow. Delicate daisies line the couple’s path. The trick is to place a small bowl upside down inside a larger bowl. The figurines then stand atop the upturned bowl, safe and dry. The empty space around the small bowl can then be planted up and watered. A decorative idea using fresh greenery that provides lasting pleasure.

All the best

These charming girls in spotted dresses proudly hold in their hands the appropriate number for the celebration, be it a birthday, a wedding or some other occasion. Birthday boys and girls are always delighted to find them in their place on their special day. The happy children also bring a smile to the faces of guests invited to a silver or golden wedding anniversary. They also cut a fine figure on a celebration cake.

Heavenly bakery

Eleven Dot Angels do not arrive empty handed. They have brought with them delicious cakes and a bouquet of fresh flowers to this get-together. Placed next to a real cake and surrounded by daisies, this particular trio enchants all who see them. You’ll really want to sit down with them and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. There is probably a hard-working gnome somewhere diligently grinding the coffee beans.


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