Wendt & Kühn has been making hand-crafted treasures for more than
100 years. Always staying true to the grand design legacy and the artistic and creative work left to us by the founders of the company, Grete Wendt and Grete Kühn, and the designer Olly Wendt.

In the coming years we intend to select with great care, and at regular intervals, a number of genuine treasures – we have called them curiosities – from Wendt & Kühn’s great treasure trove of designs, which we will produce exclusively to order, one by one. These pieces require a very high degree of craftsmanship from the skilled craftsmen and women at our workshops.

A traditional figurine of particular beauty

The Miner

After more than 60 years, this strikingly handsome “curiosity” belonging to the legendary grand design legacy of our workshops has been brought back to life. It was designed by Grete Wendt before the company was even founded. At that time pairs of miners and large angels with candle holders were often placed in the windows of houses in mining communities. The impressive size of this traditional figurine in its smart black and green ceremonial uniform adds a touch of class to any decor.

Not available in the USA.

Angel with Candle Holder

An elegant composition in white and gold

Since July 2019, an Angel with Candle Holder in elegant white and gold coloring joins our remarkable “Curiosities” collection. A striking 17 centimetres high, it makes a very elegant impression and exudes warmth through the subtle use of gold. Completely different from the “White Timbre” Edition that wins us over through its puristic play with contrasts and minimalism.

Not available in the USA.

Madonna with Christ Child

A serene masterpiece

Since February 2020 the Wendt & Kühn collection has been enriched by a quite exceptional masterpiece of the finest craftsmanship: a 42-centimetre-high Madonna in two colorways that have never previously been included in the collection. While the Madonna in the dark-blue dress exudes elegance, we are touched by the gentle demeanor of the one in the pale-blue robe.