My favorite Angel

2023 will be the year of the Eleven Dot Angels: Grete Wendt designed the first green-winged heavenly messengers in 1923 and thus the 100th birthday of this design classic is approaching. 100 years of Eleven Dot Angels also stands for 100 years full of experiences, emotions and stories that are inextricably linked to our small heavenly messengers and that bring them to life. We would love for you to share your angel stories with us. Here you can get more information about the campaign and send us your text.

Do-It-Yourself Coloring Sheets

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Time to relax and do something creative. But you don’t always need a canvas, paints and brushes. You can also create small works of art with colored pencils or felt pens. Using our coloring sheets, painting enthusiasts of all ages can enter a world full of imagination. Play together with the celestial Angel Musicians, conjure up a spring greeting, present a bouquet of flowers, travel to the Antarctic to meet the cheeky little penguins and bring the world of fairy tales to life.