Timeless classics

Angel Musicians

One of a kind. With a shape, expression of form and delightful musicianship all their own: The captivating Angel Musicians from the Wendt & Kühn Workshops. The first of their kind came to life on company founder Grete Wendt's drawing board in 1923. And with that, she broke new creative ground. In contrast to traditional Erzgebirge wooden figurines, which often came across as rather stiff, she infused her sketches with a dynamic vitality. She had the talent and ability to transform her angels from motionless pieces of wood into glorious creations bursting with life and music, at times even soaring. She did this by adopting a revolutionary new technique which casts off the production-related constraints of symmetrical woodturning: She cut the limbs for her figurines at angles and then reassembled them again thereafter to give them an exuberance of motion. Sprightliness, carefreeness and merriment are still the exact same attributes characterizing Grete Wendt’s angels to this very day and which have turned them into such treasured collector items the world over. While at their most harmonious when arranged into a grand orchestra, even smaller quartet or quintet ensembles have that certain ethereal quality that lets them cast magical spells over any audience.