Happy Birthday!

The Eleven Dot Angels will be delighted to serenade you on your birthday. Composed of two violins, a cello and a double bass, this enchanting quartet produces the most heavenly sounds.

Would you like to send a birthday greeting? A beautiful gesture and very simple to send via email, WhatsApp or Facebook.

Making of

How the quartet began to play

During their anniversary year the Eleven Dot Angels have been rehearsing a serenade: We can take it that our Gold Edition No 16, the Composer, set the beat as it holds in its hands the notes of this little tune. The celestial quartet play “Happy Birthday”, charming not only their fellow angels but also their fans all over the world. And especially the birthday boys and girls of all ages who will receive this clip. In the picture gallery you can gain an insight into how this very special film was made.



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